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Project Description
XMLmosaic is an xml based C# like programming language which may be used on any machine having .NET 3.5 SP1. It is programmed in VB.Net 2008 and has been extensively tested with XMLmosaic source files.

Development on XMLmosaic has been stopped favouring the development of the dylan.NET language being devloped by me.

Note that only the tools availble from this Codeplex Project snd XMLmosaic Studio can be used with XMLmosaic and that the Translator(v. 6.3 files or below only) and Interpreter available on the downloads page are the only tools capable of processing the XMLmosaic source files.


XMLmosaic is a new programming language integrating the xml syntax with a C# like syntax. In fact all source files use the .xml extension. There are two types of file:
Solution files - 1 per project,
Class Files - as many as you like per project.

In the future there will be support for referencing other solutions programmed in XMLmosaic. Note that no executables (exe or dll) are made. The Interpreter asks for the address of the solution file as begins executing you program right away.

Important Notice:
In development there is a console application called XMLmosaic Translator which is a new brother to the XMLmosaic Interpreter that translates your program to Visual Basic code that then can be compiled using the VB compiler (done internally) to make an exe or dll file. From v 6.3 onwards XMLmosaic Translator and Interpreter are released together with the report.

Also now under Source Code you can download the latest builds but beware these build would still be under testing conditions. All file under Downloads tab are all stable and ready for use.

The Language

With every release of the Interpreter and Translator, the XMLmosaic report.txt file is also issued (you may also download it from the Language page). This file contains (with example code) the syntax of the language. All users are expected to go through the file before starting to use the language. The file is not so long and only takes minutes to read.

Go to Language to see an online version of the XMLmosaic Report and also see what in the future of XMLmosaic.

The processing of the source files is getting even better. I am going to add a better system to to parse the code and enable more expression support so for example you could use functions, variables, and constants in expressions. This will boost dev speed in areas that for now require the user to load particular value into variables before they are used.


The only required things to run the interpreter and translator are .NET 3.5 (with SP1) and Microsoft Windows XP/Vista (all releases are compatible). I am sorry for all Linux users but the project only runs on Windows.

Come here often as I release new releases about every few days, sometimes every 2 days.

If you want additional assistance and want to make your life easier use XMLmosaic Studio in conjunction with this program.

To get XMLmosaic Studio go to

Thanks to Jeremy Tua for the logo.

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