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This reform has been czancelled ib favour of a better method!
A reform in the language processing is on the way for XMLmosaic Interpreter. This will use an EBNF like notation for represnting the code structure. The represntations will be contined in an xml file which may be seen after the execution of the program. This may help with debugging a program written in XMLmosaic. I am testing the EBNF processor. Below find its VB code attached It is already compiled so you just use the exe file in the bin\debug directory. I have not created an installer in the publish directory as this is just a test program |(that will feature in Version 7.1 of XMLmosaic).
The program processes one line of code on every execution. It cannot process whole programs and is nearly ready. More advances will be made. For example i = i + 1 will be made into ident = ident + num. and a = 'abc' will be made into ident = str etc. Please do not put a semicolon after the line of code as this not a block of code but a line only.

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